Greater Hillsboro Area Events

Event DateApptEvent Name
6/27/2016   FREE Business Counseling
11/23/2016   Avoid stress this holiday at Residence Inn
11/25/2016   Parfumerie
11/25/2016   Parfumerie
11/25/2016   Bag&Baggage Productions Presents Parfumerie
12/2/2016   Winter Village at Orenco Station Plaza
12/6/2016   Sequoia Gallery + Studios Reception
12/6/2016   All Member Show and Small Art Treasures
12/14/2016   8(a) HubZone Training
12/15/2016   Main Street Meet Up
12/16/2016   Open House
12/16/2016   Oregon Mandolin Orchestra Performs Annual Holiday Concert
12/20/2016   Tales by the Fire with Bag&Baggage
12/21/2016   Orenco Wine Mixer


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