Greater Hillsboro Area Events

Event DateApptEvent Name
4/26/2016   2016 Free Weed Watcher Workshops
5/1/2016   Orenco Events for May (whole month)
5/1/2016   Downtown Events for May (whole month)
5/2/2016   FREE Business Counseling
5/2/2016   Kids Read to Dogs Every Mon & Thurs
5/4/2016   CHAMBER EVENT: President's Reception
5/4/2016   Chamber Event: CONECTATE!
5/4/2016   Geeks Who Drink at McNally's Taproom
5/5/2016   CHAMBER EVENT: 2016 Business Walk
5/6/2016   Wake Up! Hillsboro and Ribbon Cutting
5/11/2016   SCORE Workshop: Budget Marketing
5/11/2016   Geeks Who Drink at McNally's Taproom
5/11/2016   PGE Seminars/Webinars
5/12/2016   SCORE Workshop: Business Basics for the Small Business Owner
5/12/2016   Latino Business Advisory Council Meeting (LBAC)
5/13/2016   Wake Up! Hillsboro and Ribbon Cutting
5/17/2016   Downtown Business Meeting
5/18/2016   Chamber Event: BYB - Outreach Marketing through Charity Partnerships
5/18/2016   Geeks Who Drink at McNally's Taproom
5/19/2016   CHAMBER EVENT: Westside Businesswomen - Panic, Pressure, & Pinterest: Releasing Perfection and Loving YOU More
5/20/2016   Wake Up! Hillsboro
5/25/2016   Westside Pubtalk - Pitch for Cash
5/26/2016   CHAMBER EVENT: 75th Annual Awards Gala - A Night on the Red Carpet
5/27/2016   Wake Up! Hillsboro - Delaram with Premier Designs Jewelry
5/28/2016   DI5K: A Run to Remember
5/31/2016   It's the Orenco Wine Mixer!
6/3/2016   Wake Up! Hillsboro
6/14/2016   PGE Seminars/Webinars
6/14/2016   CHAMBER EVENT: onTopic Quarterly Business Discussion - June
6/16/2016   CHAMBER EVENT: Westside Businesswomen - Creating a Never Ending Stream of Clients by Using Video


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